Society services

At INLEXIO, we recognise there are strategic, operational and financial challenges that can threaten the development and survival of societies and their journals. Complicating this are the time and commitment challenges of combining society responsibilities with research and personal commitments.

We work with society executives to determine and prioritise their goals – for both their organisation and their journals. We develop tailored workflows for implementing change and reviewing progress, and can remain in a hands-on role if desired.

If your society is thinking about launching a new journal, we offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of scholarly publishing – such as scope, editorial board recruitment and management, workflows, production systems, sales and marketing, online presence and budgeting.

If your society is thinking about how to optimise your self-publishing operations, we can advise you on best practice to ensure the highest efficiency and quality.

If your society is thinking about partnering with a commercial publisher to publish your journal, take advantage of our extensive expertise to ensure that you find the best deal with the most appropriate publisher. We offer advice on what to look for in a publisher – and what to avoid – and what elements to include in any contract. We provide guidance on how to develop and issue a Request for Proposal along with advice on how to assess the tenders, to secure the best value for your society.

We also offer comprehensive advice on Open Access and its implications for the ongoing success and sustainability of your journal and your society.

Contact us to discuss our society services in more detail.