Basic Language Editing

Basic Language Editing ensures that your text is more easily understood and appreciated by readers.

We focus on improving 5 key aspects of your text:


Incorrect spelling can make your text harder to read and obscure your message. We correct typing errors and misspelled words, and ensure consistency with your style choice. You can select British English (e.g. tumour, analyse, realise, labelling, homologue) or US English (e.g. tumor, analyze, realize, labeling, homolog), depending on your target journal and audience.


All languages have a set of rules for the organisation of elements in speech or text. Poor grammar slows readers down, making your text more difficult and time-consuming to read. We ensure that your text conforms to commonly accepted rules of English grammar.


Good punctuation helps the reader to interpret your text correctly and to avoid ambiguity. We know our commas from our colons, and will polish your punctuation perfectly.


Good sentence structure helps text to flow. We rearrange the sequence of words in your sentences, and the sentences themselves, to make sure your text reads smoothly and naturally.

Word usage

Scientific and technical documents use a different tone and vocabulary than informal texts written for a non-expert audience. We examine word usage and will suggest alternatives where appropriate.

Above all, Basic Language Editing focuses on clarity, consistency and comprehension.

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Our secure web form makes document submission quick and easy. The process is simple:

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The price of Basic Language Editing depends on the word count of your document and your preferred turnaround time. Use our pricing calculator to see an instant quote.

Word count

When calculating word count, please include all parts of your document. If you are submitting an academic article, you should exclude author affiliations and reference lists, as these will not be edited. If your calculation of word count differs significantly from ours, we will notify you by email so you can decide whether to pay the difference or to receive editing of only part of your document. If your document exceeds 15,000 words, please contact us.

Turnaround times

We offer a range of turnaround times to suit your needs: 12 days (Standard), 7 days (Rapid) or 3 days (Express). For example, if you submit your document on a Monday for Rapid service, you’ll receive your edited version by the following Monday; if you submit it on a Friday for Express service, you’ll receive your results by the following Monday. Note that weekends are included in the day count, but major public holidays (e.g. Christmas Day, New Year’s Day) are not.

File types

We prefer to work with Microsoft Word, so that we can use the ‘track changes’ feature to show you exactly what edits we’ve made. All our changes and comments will be clearly visible, so you can accept or reject them at your discretion. Note that our Guarantee applies only when you accept all of our suggested changes.

Certificate of Language Editing

Basic Language Editing includes a Certificate of Language Editing to authenticate our services. Your certificate will be emailed to you along with your edited document. Please keep your certificate safe, as we cannot reissue it.

Our Guarantee

We work to the highest standards and are confident that you will be satisfied with our work. We guarantee that if an academic article edited by INLEXIO is rejected from a scholarly journal because of poor English alone, we will re-edit the paper at no cost to you. For non-academic articles, if you receive genuine negative feedback about our editing service, we will either refund the cost of editing or re-edit the text at no cost to you. For this guarantee to be valid, you undertake to implement all of our suggested changes.

What we can edit

We will edit any type of document, in any subject area, as long as it is written in English. Examples include:

  • Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) articles
  • Social science and humanities articles
  • Honours, Masters and PhD theses/dissertations
  • Annual reports, policy papers and other reports
  • Website content
  • Marketing materials
  • Business materials such as resumes and internal reports
  • Letters and correspondence, including cover letters
  • Other – contact us to confirm your requirements

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