General consulting

Strategic, operational and financial challenges can limit the development and survival of organisations, societies and publishers – and their journals and products.

Our general consulting is based on more than 20 years first-hand experience of the scholarly publishing industry – as academics, editors, society partners and publishers.

We keep you informed of developments in scholarly publishing, explain their implications, and devise detailed plans for taking positive action.

We provide sound guidance and practical advice on all aspects of the industry, including (but not limited to):

  • Journal operations and development
  • Open Access, Open Data and Open Science
  • Copyright, License to Publish (LTP) and Creative Commons
  • Publishing contracts and requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Peer review – pre- and post-publication
  • Plagiarism and publishing ethics
  • Research Data policies
  • How and when to measure publication impact
  • Altmetrics, ImpactStory and other new metrics
  • Social media and networking sites
  • ORCID and other unique identifiers
  • CrossRef, CrossMark and FundRef
  • Indexing and abstracting (e.g. PubMed, MEDLINE, Web of Science, Scopus)
  • Journal website design and construction

For research institutes and organisations

Whether you are an academic, university administrator, research planner or government staff member, we can advise you on issues affecting you or your organisations as a whole.

Our editing services help you to polish your publications and those of your staff.

Our journal services help you to develop your journals, launch new journals, and partner with commercial publishers.

Our content services assist you in meeting your reporting requirements, promoting your work and communicating it to new audiences.

If you have requirements not described here, contact us to discuss your needs.

For scholarly societies

If your scholarly society owns a journal, you may be interested in our editing services, journal services and society services. In addition to guiding journal development, we provide advice on optimising operations, launching new journals, and choosing when and how to find the right publisher.

If your scholarly society would like to launch a new journal, we offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of publishing – including how and when to partner with a commercial publisher.

If your scholarly society would like to record or promote its own activities, our content services can help. We can create your annual report, craft a media release and increase your outreach.

Contact us to find out how else we can help your society.

For publishers

Whether you are a small or large publisher, we can help you to remain in touch with the latest trends in scholarly publishing and extract the best value for your business.

Our editing services ensure that your publications are rapidly and consistently edited to a high quality.

Our journal services guide journal development, pinpoint areas of weakness in your operations or strategy, and offer an action plan for improvement.

Our content services help you to meet your reporting requirements for individual journals or your publishing program as a whole. We can also improve your publications’ impact through plain language summaries and media releases.

Our Open Access expertise ensures that you satisfy readers’ and funding bodies’ requirements without threatening the sustainability of your business.

We can also provide interim assistance to publishers in need of experienced publishing professionals. If your organisation has a short- or medium-term gap in your publishing management or marketing teams, we can fill it.

Our services can be tailored to your needs. Contact us to find out more.