At INLEXIO, we work with you to create the best value-added solutions for your communication needs. From media releases or short summaries of your scientific or humanities publications, to full reports on your organisation’s research activity, we help you to communicate effectively with your target audience.

Plain-language summaries

We work with authors, publishers and institutions to summarise their publications into clear and concise summaries, helping readers to quickly and easily understand the content and its impact. We can summarise one or many of your selected articles.


We work with organisations to prepare the most effective Reports – on your research, annual activities or other topics of interest. Our expertise combined with your vision and content ensure that your information is communicated in the best possible way.


By engaging, enlightening and educating readers, well-written messages can raise awareness and interest in you, your organisation and your work. We advise you on constructing accurate and appealing content with a greater chance of media and community interest.