Open Access

Open Access offers online access to research in combination with specific re-use rights. An apparently straightforward idea, Open Access nevertheless has complex financial and strategic ramifications for authors and their institutions, and journals and their owners.

Open Access is having a profound impact on scholarly publishing. For many society and commercial journals, ‘Gold’ Open Access is upending the traditional subscription-based business model by relying on authors to pay an article processing charge (APC) to publish their work. Although Open Access may not markedly change the cost of publishing, it moves the main source of revenue from the reader (via libraries) to the author. As such, this business model has led to a greater emphasis on the author’s role in the publishing process.

If you are a journal owner, we can help you to determine whether – and how – to transition your journal(s) to a fully or hybrid Open Access model. Using strategic and tactical analysis and comprehensive scenario modelling – covering editorial, financial, marketing and licensing issues – we offer expert guidance on navigating all aspects of Open Access publishing.

If you are an institution grappling with the implications of Open Access for your research or library budget or administrative processes, we provide advice on the likely impacts to your business, compliance with relevant mandates, and what you can do to mitigate any risks to your revenue or workload.

If your organisation provides funding for research, we offer support on implementing Open Access mandates – including determining licensing requirements and facilitating compliance.

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