We present a selection of testimonials from our clients around the world.


“You did excellent work which greatly improved my text.”
Principal Investigator, German Cancer Research Center, Germany

“What you have edited for us is perfect.”
International Development Office, China

“I can strongly recommend INLEXIO’s editing services: reliable, friendly and very high quality.”
Eleanor Hayes, Editor-in-Chief of Science in School, Germany

“I express my customer satisfaction for the assistance I recently received from you. I have been glad to work with you. I received a professional and efficient treatment of my document that definitely improved its quality. I also appreciated very much your punctuality. I already have strongly recommended your service to my colleagues.”
Principal Investigator, Switzerland

“We are highly appreciative for the language-editing of the paper and we are highly satisfied by all of INLEXIO’s work.”
Research Professor, Jilin University, China


“INLEXIO’s services and insights – from assisting us understand the global publishing landscape and our journal’s place in it, through to managing a tendering process on our behalf – really helped us make well informed decisions for the journal’s foreseeable future.”
Head of Communications, BirdLife Australia, Australia

“A stellar job! You saved us time and money and provided key advice – we could not have done our work without you.”
Society President, Australia

“I thank INLEXIO for the report which improved the journal and enabled us to enhance our visibility. I was delighted to receive the recommendations by INLEXIO on our journal web pages and various documents including the Guide for Authors. In addition, INLEXIO provided valuable editorial advice so I as Editor-in-Chief can focus on scientific aspects of submitted papers.”
Society Journal Editor-in-Chief, Japan

“INLEXIO gave us a comprehensive and thorough vision of our journal, which is invaluable for its ongoing evolution.”
Society Journal Executive, Japan

“The editorial committee and the office are deeply grateful for all the input you provided because it showed us what to work on in order to improve the quality and visibility of the journal.”
Society Journal Manager, Japan

“I really would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for the kind and fruitful consultation in improving our journal and introducing open access.”
Society Journal Editor-in-Chief, Japan